Biological Engine


Biological Engine
Level 5
Componenets: Life Support Unit; Energy Harvester; Comatose Psychic Creature of Level 5+
Cost: 1000
Refuel: (never)
Power: Intelligence score of the Psychic Creature+1
Repair: 1/20

Level 10
Components: 3 Energy Harvester(s)
Power: Intelligence Score of the Psychic Creature+12

Binary Manipulation
Level 10
Componenets: 1 Life Support Unit; Another of the Comatose Psychic Creature
Power: Intelligence score of one of the Psychic Creatures*2

Heartless Connection
Level 10
Componenets: 2 Empathic Integrators
Power: Intelligence Score of the Psychic Creature+your Intelligence Score


Biological Engine

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